Annexure Number Details of Annexure Download
Annexure-I Minimum support price of paddy issued by GOI []
Annexure-II Target for KMS 2019-2020 []
Revised Annexure-II District wise revised target (as on 22nd May'2020) for procurement of paddy for KMS 2019-2020 []
Second Revised Annexure-II Second Revised paddy procurement target for KMS 2019-20. [] []
Third Revised Annexure-II Third Revised paddy procurement target for KMS 2019-20. [] []
Annexure-III Procurement calendar []
Annexure-IVA Contractual agreement –Bi-Partite Agreement []
Annexure-IVB Contractual agreement –Tri-Partite Agreement []
Annexure-V G. O. on Bank Guarantee []
Annexure-VI.1 List of Centralised Procurement Centres []
Annexure-VI.2 List of 2nd CPCs []
Annexure-VII.1 Notification regarding amount of paddy a farmer can sell & Incentives for selling paddy at CPCs []
Annexure-VII.2 Notification regarding 3-Men Committee in blocks to settle disputes regarding quality of paddy []
Annexure VIII Proforma of ARCS/DRCS for inclusion of a PACS/SKUS []
Annexure-IX Notification on formation of committee regarding non-payment of Bills []
Annexure-X G.O. regarding responsibility of CMR Agencies []
Annexure-XI A A Colour Coding of Gunny Bags prescribed by GOI []
Annexure-XI B Subsequent notification issued by the State Govt []
Annexure-XII Uniform Specification of FAQ paddy and rice issued by GOI []
Annexure-XIII G.O. regarding hiring of godowns []
Annexure-XIV(A&B) G.O. and Directorate’s order on regular visit of godowns by DCF&Ss []
Annexure- XVA Guideline regarding Preservation of Quality Control Management of Storage of Stored stocks in godowns []
Annexure- XVB G.O. regarding SOP of godowns as issued on 24.06.19 []
Annexure-XVI Extension of validity of handling contractors at godowns []
Annexure-XVII Extension of validity of hired vehicles []
Annexure-XVIII List of approved items to be purchased for procurement operation []
Annexure-XIX Provisional cost Sheet of CMR []
Annexure-XX Extension of validity of appointment of temporary computer operators []
Annexure-XXI Order of the Director, Dte of Finance []
Annexure-XXII Farmer’s Registration Certificates []
Annexure-XXIII(A&B) Preparation of muster roll by P.O []
Annexure-XXIV Issuance of Paddy delivery Challan by Disbursement Officer (D.O.) []
Annexure-XXV Paddy procurement and delivery register maintained by D.O. []
Annexure-XXVI Certificate of delivery of Paddy to CMR agency by PACS/SHGs []
Annexure-XXVII Report on the part of CMR Agencies on purchase of paddy []
Annexure-XXVIII Rice Miller’s Report Card (Fortnight) []
Annexure-XXIX(A) Offer letter to DCF&S by CMR Agencies []
Annexure-XXIX(B) Delivery Order []
Annexure-XXX A MSP Certificate for CMR Agency []
Annexure-XXX B MSP Certificate for CPC []
Annexure-XXXI Register for issuing Delivery Orders []
Annexure-XXXII Detailed Information of the representative of the rice mill []
Annexure-XXXIIIA Proforma of regular Inspection of Rice Mills []
Annexure-XXXIIIB Proforma of Enquiry of Rice Mills (New/Old) for selection []
Annexure-XXXIV Proforma of submission of Fortnightly Report by DCF&S []
Annexure-XXXV Proforma of Weekly (Monday) Report to be submitted by DCF&S []
Annexure XXXVI G.O. regarding complaints regarding Jute Bags []
Annexure XXXVII Proforma for Road challan for Transportation of CMR []
Annexure XXXVIIIA Proforma of declaration of a Farmer []
Annexure XXXVIIIB Proforma of declaration of a Share-Cropper []
Annexure XXXIX SOP of Issuing Cheques []