FAQ For Purchase Officers (P.O.) and Disbursing Officers (D.O.)
ক্রয় এবং বিতরণ আধিকারিক দের জন্য প্রশ্নাবলী
1. Who are Purchase Officers (P.O) and Disbursement Officers (D.O)?
Purchase Officer and Disbursing Officers are two officers engaged by the Department of Food & Supplies, Government of West Bengal at each Centralized Procurement Centers (CPCs) for purchasing paddy and taking necessary actions for payment to the farmers for the same.
2. What is the duty of the Purchase Officer (P.O)?
The Purchase Officers shall register the names of the farmers online who turn up at the CPCs through Desktop or Tab or android mobile through the Department portal on paddy procurement https://www.procurement.wbfood.in on verification of mandatory documents to be submitted by them viz. Electoral Photo Identity Card(EPIC) as his/her Proof of Identity, Record-of-Rights(RoR) on cultivable land. The preferred Savings Bank Account Pass Book of the farmer with IFS Code and photograph shall also be required for the same purpose.
3. How to register a returning farmer from KMS 2019-20 and 2020-21?
If the farmer has the registration certificate of KMS 2019-20 and 2020-21, and if the farmer produces the same, she/he needs not to be registered again. Only, you have to cross check the identity, mobile no, EPIC no and Bank account details that is available in the online portal. Any required update except the EPIC number may be done only once through ‘Manage Registration’ link and new registration number may be generated for the present KMS.
4. How will the farmers know about date and time of purchase of paddy?
Advance program may be given to all farmers depending upon the logistic arrangement of the CPC by ‘Schedule purchase’ link. Once the schedule has been made, the SMS will be forwarded automatically to the farmers with details of the program.
5. How will the farmers registered through the “Khadyasathi-Annadatri” app be verified?
Farmers, those who have forwarded their requests through mobile app, "Khadyasathi- Annadatri”, the same may be re-verified through the portal and farmer may be registered through the online system.
6. What are the precautions needed to be taken while transacting in the CPCs?
After registration is complete, the purchase may be made. The amount of paddy shall be entered with extra caution and receipt against each purchase shall be given to the farmers. While dispatching paddy to one Rice Mill, tagged with the CPC/DPC, the paddy quantum again shall be entered with extra caution to avoid any issue later and Truck challan shall be generated against each dispatch made. At the time of registration, extra caution shall be taken and all documents needs to be preserved and uploaded in the portal, if asked to do so, for both offline and online verification by the higher authorities.
7. How can a farmer, with no land in their own name, register for selling paddy?
Farmers having no land in their own name, may register themselves in the CPCs. They will require to produce the land documents tilled by them or self-declaration with details of ownership (as per prescribed document) alongwith EPIC, photograph and Bank documents.
8. How will the Purchase Officers register the details of farmers?
The Purchase Officer shall prepare the Muster Rolls in triplicate and get signature/ LTI impression of the farmer on each of them. The Muster Rolls in original shall be submitted to the concerned DCF&Ss through forwarding letter on weekly basis.
9. In case of wrong entry of bank account details, what will happen?
Bank account details shall be entered with utmost caution by the P.O./D.O. It will revert back if the same is found to be false or dormant or closed account. The same will revert also if the IFSC mismatches. Hence, please cross check it before every purchase. Credit of the value of paddy in wrong account or correction of Bank account on return from the online integrated module shall be treated as a punishable offence. Hence, extra caution shall be taken.
10. Where will the paddy procured on the CPCs be sent to?
Paddy so procured from the farmers shall be delivered only to those Rice Millers which have been tagged with the CPCs and have entered into a Bi-partite agreement with the DCF&Ss.
11. What to do if the tagged Rice Mill fails to attend the CPC?
If any tagged Rice Mill fails to turn up in a CPC on a fixed date, it should be brought to the notice of the DCF&S immediately so that remedial steps may be taken in time.
12. How long the Purchase Office and Disbursement Officer are accountable for his own works?
The P.O./ D.O.s shall fulfil their responsibilities of carrying out the procurement from farmers till receipt of rice in the godown of the F&S Department.