Memo Number With Date Details of Memo Download
4737 FS/P/Sectt./GE&EM/4M-22/2018(5th December,2019) Corrigendum of Annexure XVB on SOP of Godowns as issued on 24.06.19. []
4964-FS/Sectt./Food/4P-11/2016(Pt.)(18th December,2019) Opening of Procurement Bank Account []
4915-FS/O/Sectt/Food/4M-13/2014(19th December,2019) Result of temporary Computer Operators []
Fin/Estt/I-Pt.XIII/882(24.12.2019) Nodal Officer for Cheque related issues in CPCs []
885-FS/O/Sectt./IT-10/2013(03.02.2020) G.O. On Consolidated WQSC []
1070-FS/Sectt./Food/4P-11/2016(Pt.)(13.03.2020) Partial modification of Bank account opening order vide no. 4964-FS dated 18th Dec'2019'. []
1092-FS/Sectt./Food/4P-11/2016(Pt.)(16.03.2020) G.O. on replacement of Yes Bank cheques for KMS 2019-20 []
1345-FS/O/Sectt/Food/4P-16/16(Pt.)(20.04.2020) Procurement of paddy through ANNADATRI app etc. []
1389-FS/Sectt./Food/4P-20/17(24.04.2020) Order on second use jute bags for May 2020 in KMS 2019-20 [] []
1470-FS/Sectt./Food/4P-16/16(Pt.)(11.05.2020) Opening of purchase centers on Holidays []
1475-FS/Sectt./Food/4P-20/17(12.05.2020) Amendent of 1389-FS dt:24.04.2020: Order on use of second gunny bags. []
1530-FS/Sectt./Food/4P-16/16(Pt.)(23.05.2020) Revised paddy procurement target for KMS 2019-20. []
1564-FS/O/Sectt./Food/4P-16/16(Pt.)(29.05.2020) Order on Annadatri app []
1578-FS/Sectt./Food/4P-20/17(Pt.)(01.06.2020) Order on second use gunny bags (final order) for use in June 2020 []
1674-FS/Sectt./Food/4P-20/2020(12.06.2020) Letter on supply of HDPE/PP Bags to different districts. []
1790-FS/Sectt./Food/4P-16/16(Pt.)(26.06.2020) Second Revised paddy procurement target for KMS 2019-20. [] []